Bio Sara

Sara Runnels

Camp Cook

Hometown: Burns, OR

B.S. in Human Development and Family Sciences with an Option in Human Services Minor in Business Administration – Oregon State University

Number of Summers at Steens Mountain Running Camp: 18

Career/Professional/Coaching Highlights/Achievements:
Manage group homes for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities.  Various volunteer coaching positions including girls volleyball, boys basketball, and Special Olympics golf.

Why Sara continues to return to Steens Mountain Running Camp each summer:
It’s life!  My attendance at SMRC each year has progressed from going to camp with my parents each summer as they cooked and being delegated specific works tasks.  I am now a cook, and have been for several years.  As I’ve aged, I’ve been able to see that SMRC is not “just” a cross country running camp, where people are self-disciplined and run a lot!  It’s an incredible camp, which teaches people to respect nature, people, and especially themselves. There’s also some conditioning involved. Over the years, I’ve been pre-camp age, camp age, and post camp age, and have enjoyed and benefited at all levels from my interactions.  Campers who attend the camp from all over the country gain life long relationships, mentors, and an amazing sense of self-worth and respect for not only themselves, but the environment and people at large.  These values gained in turn enhance their ability to compete in meets and life.  It’s a tremendous experience; one that I’m honored to be a part of!