Campers Qualify for State (2021)

One hundred fifty four Steens Campers have earned the right to race at Lane CC in Eugene, Oregon and Sun Willows in Pasco, Washington this Saturday November 6th.

Steens Campers combined to win 18 Individual League/Conference/District Titles. They represented schools who won 21 Team Titles.

Further analysis reveals 65 camper girls representing 26 schools and 89 camper boys from 36 schools will be in the hunt for Team and Individual awards.

The predicted race time weather conditions WILL FAVOR  Steens Campers racing in Oregon.. Rainy, (80 % chance) the course a bit sloppy, some mud and a race day high of 48 degrees or lower, should bring confident smiles especially if it gets a bit windy!

Washington Campers will just have to wish for such luck… Predicted to be Cloudy and 55 on a golf course!

A Big Steens Congrats to ALL Campers BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your races on Saturday!