What to Bring

⭐️ Please write your name on all personal gear   

iPods/tablets/cell phones cannot be used from Burns to camp or anytime during camp
Enjoy a technology free environment 🙂

ATTENTION: Campers who have allergies or have reactions to bee stings must bring appropriate
                                    medication and/or bee sting injection kits. 

ATTENTION: Campers who are taking Rx medication(s) must bring in original bottle(s).


A limited number of Steens Mt. Camp designer t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts will be on sale for $20 – $55 (cash only)

T-shirt swap: Bring a running/racing/school t-shirt to swap with a fellow camper. (Harland likes real old ones, he has been known to trade a camp deposit or even a partial camp fee for some early 70’s or 80’s vintage t-shirts/etc.)