Be Prepared…

The Steens Mountain can be home to drastic weather changes. It is not uncommon for a 75° day to turn into a cold rainy day in just a matter of hours. So come prepared.

We hope the conditions will be ideal, but in case they are not, be equipped with the following items.


Steens Mountain is located in Southeastern Oregon, 60 miles southwest of Burns on Highway 205. The mountain rises to 9,773 feet above sea level, affording a breathtaking view; four western states can be sighted from the mountain’s crest.

Outdoor kitchen and dining – with a little side of Steens dirt 😉

Base camp, located near Fish Lake at the 7,500-foot level of the mountain, provides a beautiful living and training environment.

The stars are so much brighter out here

Training Sites

Training sites include Blitzen and Big Indian Gorges, Kiger Ridge and McCoy Creek Canyon which allow running and backpacking known only to a few.

Campers running to “close the gap” in the Big Indian Gorge on “Big Day”
Campers following a drainage down to McCoy creek on Thursday’s Cross Canyon race

Camp Cooks/Nutrition

Our 2024 menu is being planned, coordinated and updated by outdoor cooking legends, Pete and Cheryl Runnels, and Union’s Mike Colkitt. Steens campers will find fast service, great food and plenty of it (for the carnivore, vegetarian or gluten free). Athletes and coaches will also be treated to a special Basque style dinner prepared by Claudio and Maria Iturriaga. All meals served with smiles bigger than Kiger Gorge.

Campers enjoy an authentic Basque dinner on Thursday night.

This isn’t flatland America