What I Learned the Hard Way

Marci Gage (Klimek) was a three-time Steens camper and winner of the 2011 Portland Marathon. Here are some of her tips for continuing your running career throughout the years.

marci portland marathon

For those of you out there that want to make your place in the world of running, here are a few things that I have learned the hard way. I am a long, long way from anything near to elite, or even sub-elite status, but I have put in my time as that athlete with the desire to continue training despite the lack of agents knocking. Really the best/only way to learn is through hear-say and trail & error.

I would like to encourage anyone that has any interest in continuing their training to do so. Don’t get discouraged or intimidated, there is always a way, in any situation, to reach a new PR…

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