2024 Cancellation

Why you should cancel

  1. If you have a new or nagging injury that is persisting.
  2. If you have a communicable disease, such as a cold, flu, bad cough, or fever, or Symptoms of such.
  3. Family first policy – if you have a family commitment.
  4. If you have not run any or very many steps since track season.
  5. Emergency.
  6. Severe addiction to electronics.
  7. If you expect to suffer severe withdrawal symptoms due to technology abstinence.

To cancel, email hello@steens.camp

Why you should NOT cancel

  1. Coming by yourself to camp – you will meet and make plenty of new friends.
  2. Not being able to use cell phones, ipads, ipods, etc. – Scenery, Nature and Campfire chats provide great distractions 🌲🪵⛺️
  3. Thinking you are not able to make it through the camp’s activities (only if you haven’t run many steps since track season). – Even then, you will make it, it just won’t be very much fun and more painful. Pain is a great teacher!
  4. Afraid of dirt – The dirt on Steens is clean!
  5. How about insects? Most of those that call Steens home, ask permission before biting. (Ok, ok, not all do).

Deposit Refund Policy

By July 1st – Full Refund.
Cancel or plead your circumstance
by calling 541-915-8747
or e-mail: hello@steens.camp