Card: Day 1

The first day at camp will involve a lot of eating and drinking water as we get acclimated to the high altitude.

We’ll start with a series of short runs and stretches lead by running legends such as Max King and/or Melody Fairchild.

After a big lunch new campers will make their way up to the summit on buses for a mountain tour.

Kiger Gorge

Highlights include Kiger Gorge, drive by views of Little Blitzen Gorge, and finally a short hike up to the summit that includes sweeping panoramic views and a gorgeous look at Wildhorse Lake

From the summit one can see into Idaho, Nevada, and even California.

First year campers hiking up to the summit with a view of Big Indian Gorge in the background

Campers will then be dropped off a few miles from camp for an easy afternoon run before chowing down dinner.

“Hey, hey, hey! Tomorrow is a ‘Big Day’!”