Card: Day 4

The “Cross Canyon” race is a favorite among former campers. The race starts in the middle of a jeep road surrounded by sagebrush. Your only directions are to follow “where the sun would naturally set”.

There’s no trail. No map. And you must finish as a team.

Each team will start by themselves, staggered by one minute.

As a team, you have 60 seconds to memorize a quote before you are off running wild – you’ll have to be able to recite that quote when the race is over.

After quickly descending, you’ll cross a small creek and make your way up to the plateau. The looming question is whether or not you will be greeted by a giant snow bank.

At the end of the plateau – if you kept your bearings – you will finally get a glimpse of the finish line. Commit it to memory, because as you drop down in the final canyon you won’t see it again until you are within 100 meters.

Gallivanting your way through the groves of aspens hopefully you miss the cliffs – if you don’t, you’ll have to find a way down.

“Perfect!” – MT