This unique camp is designed to give campers (ages 13-18) a realistic wilderness running and camping experience. To enjoy and respect wilderness beauty through running, hiking and exploring, at high altitudes are the major objectives of this camp. Group and individual instruction will be given in all areas of distance training and racing, with emphasis on performance improvement through self reliance, personal accountability and teamwork strategies. To enhance personal growth, campers must be willing to adapt to lack of urban conveniences not found in the great outdoors. (i.e. cell phones, iPods, tablets, DVD players, and other technos just invented.)


Rouse HS Districts Champs Back-to-Back


Congrats to 2015 Steens Mountain runners Madie Boreman and Ashton Hilsenteger and their team on back-to-back district team champs!

David Laney Takes 3rd at UTMB 2015

Photo by iRunFar/Kirsten Kortebein

Photo by iRunFar/Kirsten Kortebein

David Laney finished third in the 2015 UTMB with a time of 21:59:42. The race is around 170 km and 10,000 m of positive altitude change. Just think, that’s like doing four loops of the Big Day!

Photo by Conscious Minds Productions

Photo by Conscious Minds Productions

After over 100 miles, David finished just two minutes behind second place. Amazing considering this was only David’s third attempt at a distance this far.

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