About Camp

This unique camp is designed to give campers (ages 13-18) a realistic wilderness running and camping experience. To enjoy and respect wilderness beauty through running, hiking and exploring, at high altitudes are the major objectives of this camp. Group and individual instruction will be given in all areas of distance training and racing, with emphasis on performance improvement through self reliance, personal accountability and teamwork strategies. To enhance personal growth, campers must be willing to adapt to lack of urban conveniences not found in the great outdoors. (i.e. cell phones, iPods, tablets, DVD players, and other technos just invented.)


Nike Trail Shoes 2018

Steens Mt. Running Campers to receive complimentary pair of Nike Air Zoom Kigers.

Session One and Session Two Steens Campers will be fitted with a brand new pair of Nike Trail Shoes upon arrival to Camp on July 15 and July 22.

The Nike trail series running shoes, (Kiger and Wildhorse) are named after the Kiger Gorge and Wildhorse Lake, both found on the Steens Mountain.

A reminder to confirmed registered campers: if you haven’t sent your Nike Shoe Size to us, please do so by May 1st. Please refer to the email you were sent to order your shoes. Remember these Nike Air Zoom Kiger Shoes will be given to you at Camp.

Seeking Athletic Trainer (ATC) for Steens 2018


Are you currently an Athletic Trainer who was a Steens Camper back in your HS or college days? If so, we need you for two weeks this summer, July 15-28, 2018.

You must be FIT, be certified to train in Oregon, have great references, pass a background check, love your job, love to camp and love Steens! If this is you, please contact Harland at: steensmt@q.com.

Want to fill position by December 15th.

(others are encouraged to apply but preference given to ATC’s who were “once upon a time” Steens Mt. Running Campers)