Steens Trail Camp


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40 Adults



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Have you missed that Steens Mountain experience since you left camp on the bus so long ago? Or maybe your kids have raved about the magic of the mountain and you felt like you needed to experience it for yourself, but haven’t been able to since you’re not in high school any more.

Well, this year EVERYTHING changes!

The first ever third session of Steens will be dedicated to those of you that grew up but never grew out of that running thing and want to experience that Steens Mountain High Altitude Running Camp magic once again.

Forty adults (18+) will have the chance to

Come experience what your kids talk about for months after coming down off the mountain.  

Led by Max King and the Steen’s Allstars (including Melody Fairchild), this edition will focus on wilderness trail running and fun with a more relaxed approach to some of the most arduous days that the youth complete.  

Days activities will vary with daily running tours of the Steens Mountain wilderness while evenings will be fun campfire activities in camp. Homemade meals will be served up outside amongst the towering Aspen trees of the same Lake Creek campsite that has seen thousands of high school champions inside her canyon walls. You’ll also have the rustic camping experience of the youth in our one-of-a-kind army tents. Rather than crammed in with 20 other campers however, you’ll have a whole quarter of the tent to yourself. Plenty of room to stretch out in the morning.  

We’re so excited to show you around the mountain.

Come join us for a week you’ll never forget.